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Projects Now and Future  Nicaraguan Sign Language Projects, Inc.

     a) Hermano Roberto Clark Special Education primary school, operated by the Nicaraguan government Ministry of Education (MINED) -- We continue to fund one Deaf  teacher to work alongside the government hearing teacher.  We reassigned our second Deaf teacher to the private secondary school to accompany students who completed primary school this year (2014).
     b)  Instituto Denis Caceres Olivas (IDCO)(private secondary school) -- In 2014, we assigned one Deaf teacher to work alongside hearing faculty and interpreter in high school level classes for Deaf students. 

     a) Maureen Courtney Special Education School, operated by the Convent of St. Agnes -- We are subsidizing the salary of one Deaf teacher who works alongside the hearing teacher in the school's Deaf component.  (The Nicaraguan Ministry of Education pays the major portion of the Deaf teacher's salary.)

OUTREACH PROJECT:  In 2012-13, we sent Deaf secondary school students from Condega to assist NSLP Deaf faculty in sign language immersion programs conducted in remote locations for Deaf children who are unable to attend formal schools for Deaf and who require a sign language rich setting to enable them to acquire first language skills.  This program ceased operations at the end of 2013, and two of the target beneficiaries enrolled in the primary school in Condega at the beginning of 2014.

      a) Nicaraguan Sign Language Grammar on-line tutorials:  On July 13, 2014, we made available on YouTube our first tutorial, called Nicaraguan Sign Language Grammar Lesson 1.  This video runs 37 minutes and is presented in Nicaraguan Sign Language with English captioning.  (Spanish captioned version in production.)

      b) Publication in 2013 of the First Edition of our Nicaraguan Sign Language Handbook.  This text explains in both Spanish and English many of the most important principles of the grammar and syntax of Nicaraguan Sign Language, and also features about 875 glossary entries divided into topics. 

NICARAGUAN SIGN LANGUAGE HANDBOOK, by James Shepard-Kegl, translated into Spanish by Bertha Simmons (published by Nicaraguan Sign Language Projects, Inc., first edition 2013):  Download the grammar and syntax sections (English or Spanish versions) or any of the 18 vocabulary topics sections by selecting the applicable link below:
NOTE: We have removed the geography section as we develop a credits section and secure permits for some of the photo illustrations.  Also, we are producing a second edition with expanded grammar and syntax section and additional vocabulary entries.)

English: ISN_GRAMMAR.pdf
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Spanish: ISN_gramatica_version_espanol.pdf
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